15 Tips for Creating Successful Packaging Design

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TIP 1: Know Your Audience

This is the number one item on the list. Who is the customer you are targeting? This is the idea that all the other tips will be based on. Do a little homework so you can be able to come up with the customer you are looking to sell to.

TIP 2: Are the Benefits Displayed Prominently?

Most people tend to focus on the features that show how good it tastes or easy it is to use. It is far much better to focus on how the product benefits the customer. This is where the real power of selling lies.

TIP 3: Come up with Multiple Designs

You should not put all your effort into one design. Come up with different and compare them. See what catches your eye, what stands out, and you can get other people who are consumers involved. Don’t assume that if you like it everyone will like it.

TIP 4: Consider the Pricing Point

The price of the product must have an influence on the design. Trying to over design will cause you to spend more on product packaging than necessary.

TIP 5: Consider Your Competition

Take time to see where the package will be displayed and the packages set next to it. Is your competition using a large box with multiple pieces while yours is a small box? Go to the stores that you would like your products to be in and see how it will fit. You will be able to stay in front of your competition.

TIP 6: How Unique is The Product?

There are times when the package is too unusual or unique to be displayed on the stands. Make it easier for them to display the product. You can also use promotional products such as Promotional Umbrellas to increase brand awareness.

TIP 6: Box or Bag – Paper or Plastic

The answer will usually be driven by the price. You should try your best to package it to its best advantage without making it too costly.

TIP 8: Family Appearance

Do you have two or more products? If this is the case, then the branding should be consistent all across because it will help in commanding more attention on the aisle. You will have more space and this will grab visual attention. The more attention you get the more sales you make.

TIP 9: The Shopping Experience

You should think the interaction between the shopper and product. Is the store willing to display it out of the package, are they allowed to touch it?

TIP 10: Think of the Package as a Shelf Billboard

There should be room to show the benefits of the product. If the product is small, consider using the header to get more room for info or photos.

TIP 11: Are You Starting a Brand?

A good package design will consider the future. Multiple products will command more attention and are also more attractive offering to a store.

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TIP 12: Make It POP!

You should choose a color that will be easier to notice. Many companies have used a given color and this helped them stand out and create a brand. Once you have established the color, the competitors will have a harder time using it because it looks like your brand. This can take time, but it is important to plan.

TIP 13: Use the Words you need to

The words should be to the point and succinct. You should view the text on the packaging as Google AdWords – ensure it says the most with the least. You can use illustrations and photos to describe the product better and how to use it.

The right picture will be worth a thousand words.

TIP 14: The Quality of the Printing is Key

You should choose a quality printer. Ensure the printer you choose has experience in printing packages. The quality of printing on the product will be seen as a reflection of the quality of the product.

TIP 15: It’s all about Perception

You will have four seconds to catch the attention of the shopper in the aisle, and this is where you need to convey the benefits of the products over your competition. The shopper will make the decision in that short period of time, and he/she will rely on their perception derived from the package.

The above tips will help you design the perfect package. You should consider applying them all. If you don’t know where you can start, consider getting a professional to help you out. You need to wisely invest because you are in business. The package will be the first interaction and you need to ensure it is the best.