Steel Laser Cutting and Its Advantages

Steel laser cutting | Lightning Laser Cutting

There are a few kinds of cutting methods on the market. It could be difficult to fully grasp the range of information that’s frequently positioned before a person and choose what might be the ideal method for their selected industry or application.

To help individuals, here is a guide put together by professionals. This guide will talk about the advantages of steel laser cutting.

Reasons why Laser Cutting Exists

The production and manufacturing processes all throughout the world have been innovating and developing at a very fast pace. Thus, all of the people that are helping to deliver it and its processes have also evolved.

Though conventional cutting forms function great, there’s a need for a more reliable, more efficient, and safer method that could cope up with the increasing demand on production and manufacturing.

The answer to this is laser cutting. It works more accurately and quickly. It is also the reason why products are able to have more function while losing some unnecessary number of components and size. Meaning, steel laser cutting has been accepted as a basic method in several industries. This includes medical, semiconductors, electronics, aerospace, and automotive.

The Advantages of Steel Laser Cutting

Steel Laser Cut | Lightning Laser CuttingIt is a non-contact method

Meaning, the laser beam utilized in this method does not touch physically the material that the laser is working with. It instead causes the cutting and the melting process through heat. Meaning, the material’s damage is minimized and expensive maintenance schedules and repairs for moving parts that touch the work surface could be prevented.

It utilizes low power consumption

This is a significant benefit in a world that’s looking to work while saving budget. This could be done by rising up production while decreasing the expenses.

Typically, a machine that cuts using laser would only utilize around 10kW of electricity. On the other hand, other cutting methods utilize more than 60kW of power.

It is a safer process

The need for safety also increases as the need for production increases. Laser cutting is a method that is a lot safer than other methods since the laser beam that’s being utilized is closed in a lightbox that is tight.

It could work with a lot of various materials

Laser cutting has no issue cutting it down in bits or assisting to generate intricate and complex shapes, whether it is glass, wood, plastics, diamonds, metal, or any other materials.

It is very accurate

The incredibly precise and accurate nature of steel laser cutting is one of the biggest advantages that is has delivered. It enables very precise cuts that leave a smooth finish and a clean cut. This has aided devices, components, and products to become a lot smaller, and greatly lowers the amount of wastage of the material that has been done in the previous decades.

It is not just handy for the manufacturing procedure

While it is mainly utilized for production and manufacturing processes, this is not the only field that laser cutting has brought a great influence it is commonly utilized in the medical field for cutting human tissues. It is also utilized in procedures like laser eye surgery.

Fast Setup Times

Setup times are greatly lowered since there are no hard tools used in laser cutting. Tool maintenance and changeover usually consume a lot of time. Time is important in the production process, and if it is consumed just by changeover and maintenance, the production rate would be lowered. The machine programming and loading of material is the only setup time required in laser cutting. This is obviously cost-friendly and efficient.

Unlimited Customization

The opportunity of infinite customization is the best advantage of a laser cutting. It’s the ideal method for cutting really intricate and detailed holes, whether it is small or big. It could help create difficult designs in a snap.

Running Rev Change

Few changes would be required in the design as the product evolves. Luckily, laser cutting helps in making those changes very easy. Changes could be directly made in the programming without any change of tool.

Cutting steel is one of the vital phases in the process of metal fabrication. With the help of steel laser cutting, it could be done in no time.