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Using A Vape Store Online Compared To Bricks And Mortar | Vapora

Vape Store Online | Vapora

Are you one of the individuals who has realized the health benefits of using electronic cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco options? While it can be difficult to change, statistics have shown that vaping or using e-cigarettes is much safer and better for one’s well being than a traditional smoke. The introduction of this e-cigarette allows for a healthier lifestyle, and due to the popularity, it is not difficult to locate. Nowadays, purchasing vape products can be done using both online and onsite options; however, each of them present with advantages and drawbacks.

This article will compare the benefits of using a vape store online to visiting a brick and mortar alternative.

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, also known as a vaporizer, is an item that is filled with a juice that produces particular vapor with flavours suited to your needs. The e-juice contains vegetable glycerine (VG), a propylene glycol (PG), a small amount of nicotine, and a specific type of flavouring. The ratio of PG and VG determines the density of the vapor, and the nicotine level is available in different strengths ranging from mild to high. Flavours are available in all types ranging from cherry and chocolate to coffee or the traditional tobacco. So, as can be seen, finding the ideal electronic cigarette is possible simply by negotiating the correct product.

What About The Online Vape Store?

1. The Benefits

Each day, more and more individuals are using the internet to make daily purchases ranging from groceries and clothing to vapers and computers. The benefit of this is that you will receive a wider selection with a greater variety. Moreover, it is easier to browse the different sites, comparing prices and products allowing you to find the ideal vaper for your budget. In fact, it can be easy to find online deals as compared to finding deals in stores making these purchases much cheaper.

Regardless of whether you vape or not, we have all had bad experiences with pushy salesmen who are only helpful when it comes to organizing a purchase. When using online vape stores, you will eliminate the pushy salesman and have a chance to review the different products without any pressure. Of course, there are automated chat pop-ups from sales associates; however, these can be closed and you will not need to deal with them unless you want to.

2. The Disadvantages

Unfortunately, all things in life present with advantages and disadvantages. The majority of people continue to purchase their products at bricks and mortar vape stores. Why do this? well, one reason is that online stores may present with a higher overhead cost or hidden fee making the final overall cost much higher than the advertised price. Moreover, waiting for the vape machine can be fun but it can also be longer depending on your location. If you need the item immediately, you will find this waiting period problematic.

Another drawback to using an online vape store is that you will not be able to speak with a knowledgeable person face-to-face and cannot ask any specific questions. Sales persons at bricks and mortar sites may be pushy, but they tend to know more about the products being sold and can be asked questions by the customers. It should also be noted that returning something is not possible. An online store will not be able to replace the item and you will need to purchase the item again if there is a problem with the initial vape equipment.

What About The Bricks And Mortar Store?

1. The Advantages

Now that we have viewed the online vape stores, we can discuss the advantages of a traditional vape store. One of the greatest benefits to an onsite store is that it can act as a communal location where vapers can meet, hang out, and speak about items including vaping. You will also be able to receive feedback from staff and other vape element users to help you find the ideal material.

2. The Disadvantages

One of the greatest disadvantages to using a traditional vape store is the increased price of the products. Unlike online products, there tends to be a greater markup at bricks and mortar stores because they have additional expenses to pay, such as rent for the building.

Surprising truth about being a high class escort

Adelaide Escort | Punter Planet

HERE are three questions I get asked all the time:

1. What has life been like since going public as an escort?
2. Can you help me be an escort?
3. Do you have sex all the time?

The answers are:

1. You are reading about it now.
2. I mentor women to become escorts but am getting tired of the dumb ones (and it’s only the dumb ones) pinching my ideas and abusing my kindness.
3. No.

Yep, the answer to number three is a big fat no. I DO NOT HAVE MUCH SEX. Since going public as an escort/journalist I reckon I have less sex now than ever before.

I know you won’t believe me, but it’s true. I had more sex as a journalist. I would estimate that a single mum in her forties – or any woman, really – who is on Tinder would have much more sex than me.

And that’s not because I am not working – I am – but because of clients, especially new ones, treat me differently now. Without wanting to sound like a big-headed hooker (I think there are a few out there), when men book me now it is more out of curiosity than to relieve a twitchy c**k. It is more to do with meeting this ‘Samantha X’ and finding out what makes her tick (um, French Champagne and a fat envelope stuffed full of cash?).

Melbourne Escorts | Punter Planet Pty Ltd
High-class escort Samantha X.Fabrizio Lipari

One word I hear daily from men is that I am “intriguing”.

I could be sitting next to a businessman on a flight to, ooooh, let’s say Melbourne, and after a brief chat he will say: “Wow, you are so intriguing.”

Or Sean my window cleaner will shake his head while laughing at my stories.

“You’re bloody joking! He didn’t say that, did he?” he’d say while wiping spiders’ webs from my sliding doors with a big, wet sloppy cloth. “I love your stories, Amanda. They’re so intriguing!”

I have clients who are writing books and want me to proofread them in my spare time (SPARE time!!). “I’m up to my fourth draft,” mumbled Andrew in between chewing his avocado toast over brunch the other day. “It’s only just over a hundred thousand words. I’ve emailed it to you, so when you get a chance, can you have a quick look for me?”

A quick 100,000 words? Sure, no problem …

Or dear Keith, who is writing his escorting memoirs and I rarely have time to help him (sorry, Keith!).

Or I’ll get an email from a client and it will read like this. In fact, it will read exactly like this as this is a real email (name changed, of course).

Dear Samantha,

I have to say I read your book on a flight to New York recently and felt compelled to write to

you. Your story is fascinating and I must say, I find you intriguing. I am from London originally

but have been living in Sydney for over 20 years. I am a lawyer who has also lived in Hong Kong and New York. I confess that I have wanted to explore the possibility of seeing you for some time but I was a little nervous given you are … well, let’s be honest, now so well-known. But my intrigue has got the better of me. Would you happen to be free for dinner next Tuesday night?
Cash no issue.
Yours, Fraser.

Before coming out I used to get emails like this:

R U free? Can U wear black suspenders and do U swallow? Ben.

For the record, I did meet with Fraser and he was lovely. And in our four-hour meeting, we had very pleasant sex once, for nine minutes, and that was right at the beginning. The rest of the time we talked. (And as for Ben: no, I don’t swallow and FK OFF.) I find that these days men are more interested in talking to me than having sex with me. And you may find it hard to believe that I often find myself leaving appointments feeling sexually frustrated, sometimes cursing the fact I ever wrote that bloody book.

Instead of feeling refreshed, elated and relaxed after a marathon sex session with a nice man, I’d usually depart a hotel room feeling like I’d just done a Q and A and book-signing session. Take a dear regular, Lee. He was young, with a big head of frizzy hair and a weakness for working girls, and he had been a client with my agency since the day we launched. He would always buy the girls a gift and the girls loved him. “Such an easy guy, so lovely – the sex is great!” I always heard as feedback from my girls. He was a pleasure to deal with and he was always so polite to me.

“One day, I’ll pluck up the courage to see you, Samantha!”

“The big boss!” he kept texting.

And that day finally arrived. He was so nervous I thought he was going to pass out. I tried to kiss him but his lips were trembling so much.

“Sorry, Samantha,” he said, scratching his head. “I am really confused. I’ve never been with a celebrity before. I don’t know whether to feel horny or starstruck.” I had to laugh. Is that how clients saw me: a celebrity? It was very sweet – if only my sex life didn’t have to suffer. “Celebrities need sex too, Lee,” I said, climbing on top of his shaking body.

Or there was Cam, the truckie who booked me for an hour at his city hotel one December afternoon. I knew that when I clapped eyes on him standing by the lifts, I was going to have the best sex of my life. It had been ages since I’d had sex, and the sun was out, it was Christmas time, I was in a good mood …

Cam wasn’t attractive at all, but you’d know by now that attractiveness rarely matters. I can have the best sex with the most unattractive men – and it’s usually those kinds of men who make me orgasm.

Most Adelaide Escorts say the same thing: give us a man with a face only his mother could love and we will have great sex. Maybe we relax more? Maybe we actually like them as people more? Maybe we feel more powerful, more in control? A good-looking client just makes me nervous. A good-looking client who is an arrogant dickhead is the worst kind of client; any girl will tell you that. Anyway, Cam was bald and stocky with a moustache which had a bit of cheese in it (I think it was cheese). He was wearing a gold chain, a red checked shirt and these big, chunky workmen’s boots.

“G’day, Samantha!” He beamed, opening the lift doors and marching in before me. He lacked decorum, he was brash and rough around the edges.

Perfect. All the ingredients for a good bonk.

When we got to the tiny studio room I put my bag down and went to kiss him. “Well, hello, Cam! You’re in trouble today …” I whispered seductively into his hairy ear.

“Er, rightio!” he choked out, sounding petrified. “But before we get down to that, I suppose I’d better offer you a drink. Now, what do we have here … I don’t think there’s much …”

“Whatever you’ve got would be lovely,” I murmured patiently. A glass of bubbles wouldn’t hurt to get me in the mood – not that I needed it. I watched as Cam plodded to the bathroom, fetched the plastic cup that his toothbrush had been in, filled it up with warm tap water and handed it to me, grinning.

“Here we go, love,” he said nervously, passing me the cup with shaking hands. “Water looks a bit cloudy if you ask me, but I think that’s because it’s warm.”

“Oh, it’s fine,” I smiled, putting the cup down. Well, that was a first. But I wasn’t here for the drink …

“Now let me give you something …”

I unclipped the straps of my dress and let it fall to my feet sexily, standing there in all my glory, showing Cam my body that was aching to be devoured. Surely he was aching to devour me …

“Oh jeez, Samantha,” he stammered, looking away. “I don’t mean to be rude but …”

He reached out into his rucksack, fumbling around.

Jesus Christ – this was it: my first psychopath! He looked a bit like Ivan Milat, he drove trucks on dusty orange freeways … What was he getting – a gun, a knife …

Nope. …My book. …A well-thumbed copy of Hooked that he held out to me with a proud expression on his face. “I bought a copy of your book, love. Would you mind putting your clothes back on and signing it for me? I’ve been dying to meet you to find out how life has been for you since you did that show on TV … I have so many questions for you. I actually wrote some down here on this piece of paper. We saw you on Channel Seven – or was it Nine – my missus and me, and …”

I stared at his mouth moving and his eyes blinking excitedly. Remind me again why I wrote that bloody book?

Melbourne Escorts | Punter Planet Pty Ltd
High-class escort Samantha X pictured with her latest book ‘Back on Top — Confessions of a high-class escort’.
Source: Courtesy of qt.com.au

15 Tips for Creating Successful Packaging Design

Packaging Design | Star Stuff Group

TIP 1: Know Your Audience

This is the number one item on the list. Who is the customer you are targeting? This is the idea that all the other tips will be based on. Do a little homework so you can be able to come up with the customer you are looking to sell to.

TIP 2: Are the Benefits Displayed Prominently?

Most people tend to focus on the features that show how good it tastes or easy it is to use. It is far much better to focus on how the product benefits the customer. This is where the real power of selling lies.

TIP 3: Come up with Multiple Designs

You should not put all your effort into one design. Come up with different and compare them. See what catches your eye, what stands out, and you can get other people who are consumers involved. Don’t assume that if you like it everyone will like it.

TIP 4: Consider the Pricing Point

The price of the product must have an influence on the design. Trying to over design will cause you to spend more on product packaging than necessary.

TIP 5: Consider Your Competition

Take time to see where the package will be displayed and the packages set next to it. Is your competition using a large box with multiple pieces while yours is a small box? Go to the stores that you would like your products to be in and see how it will fit. You will be able to stay in front of your competition.

TIP 6: How Unique is The Product?

There are times when the package is too unusual or unique to be displayed on the stands. Make it easier for them to display the product. You can also use promotional products such as Promotional Umbrellas to increase brand awareness.

TIP 6: Box or Bag – Paper or Plastic

The answer will usually be driven by the price. You should try your best to package it to its best advantage without making it too costly.

TIP 8: Family Appearance

Do you have two or more products? If this is the case, then the branding should be consistent all across because it will help in commanding more attention on the aisle. You will have more space and this will grab visual attention. The more attention you get the more sales you make.

TIP 9: The Shopping Experience

You should think the interaction between the shopper and product. Is the store willing to display it out of the package, are they allowed to touch it?

TIP 10: Think of the Package as a Shelf Billboard

There should be room to show the benefits of the product. If the product is small, consider using the header to get more room for info or photos.

TIP 11: Are You Starting a Brand?

A good package design will consider the future. Multiple products will command more attention and are also more attractive offering to a store.

resin graphics | Star Stuff Group

TIP 12: Make It POP!

You should choose a color that will be easier to notice. Many companies have used a given color and this helped them stand out and create a brand. Once you have established the color, the competitors will have a harder time using it because it looks like your brand. This can take time, but it is important to plan.

TIP 13: Use the Words you need to

The words should be to the point and succinct. You should view the text on the packaging as Google AdWords – ensure it says the most with the least. You can use illustrations and photos to describe the product better and how to use it.

The right picture will be worth a thousand words.

TIP 14: The Quality of the Printing is Key

You should choose a quality printer. Ensure the printer you choose has experience in printing packages. The quality of printing on the product will be seen as a reflection of the quality of the product.

TIP 15: It’s all about Perception

You will have four seconds to catch the attention of the shopper in the aisle, and this is where you need to convey the benefits of the products over your competition. The shopper will make the decision in that short period of time, and he/she will rely on their perception derived from the package.

The above tips will help you design the perfect package. You should consider applying them all. If you don’t know where you can start, consider getting a professional to help you out. You need to wisely invest because you are in business. The package will be the first interaction and you need to ensure it is the best.

The Many Benefits Of Using Online Psychics

online psychics | Angels Within

There are individuals in the world called psychics, people that have an innate ability to read into the future of individuals they speak with. You have probably seen them with businesses in your city, and they are also on the web. People often contact these professionals because of their natural ability to tap into their lifestream to help them make important choices. There are many advantages to using psychics that are on the web. They might be able to help you understand more about yourself, or address life choices that you must make right now.


Here are a few of the many benefits you will receive by working with online psychics.


What Do Psychics Do?

Psychics are able to connect with people on an energetic level. There is the belief that we are all living lives that may be somewhat predestined. This is often referred to as the path of our life, and this path often has many different potential directions. Making the right choices, and adhering to our path of heart, is the key to finding success and happiness in life. People also referred to our path of heart as our purpose, the reason that we were incarnated into existence. A psychic is able to sense these potential decisions that must be made. After speaking with you, they will be able to experience feelings, or sometimes see visions, of things that may occur based upon choices that you will make. Those that are highly intuitive can be extremely accurate in understanding who you are, and what choices will likely lead to a life that is more positive and abundant.


How Do You Find Online Psychics?

Psychics that are on the web are extremely easy to find. When you search for psychics, you will be directed to businesses that might be in your area. You will also see listings for companies that have many different psychics to choose from. You can select them based upon the feedback they have received from prior customers. In most cases, they will give an initial reading for free, one that will only last for a few minutes. This allows people to determine if this is the right psychic for them, and many of them have helped hundreds or thousands of people.

How To Choose The Right Psychic For You

Choosing a psychic is also something that is somewhat intuitive. Although they may have great feedback, you still need to feel comfortable about the one that will do your reading. The initial free consultation will allow you to determine whether or not you are confident that this person will be able to help you. Once you have had your psychic reading, you can then assess the information they have provided you with. The more accurate it is, the more likely it will be, that you will use them for future psychic readings. Therefore, selecting a psychic is based on both empirical information that you see on their website, and your subjective opinion of this individual. The true test, however, is to actually work with one of them to see how they can help you change your life for the better.


What Type Of Information Will They Provide You With?

When you meet with the psychics online, it’s typically over Skype or something similar so that you can both see and hear them. You do not have to be physically in a room with a psychic in order to have them do a reading. You may also opt for a phone reading where you will simply talk with these individuals that can help you with decisions you need to make. You can take notes, or you may also receive a transcript of the entire psychic reading, so that you can use this for reference. This information may address issues in your life relating to career choices, relationships, or radical decisions that you are thinking about making. Regardless of the topic, a psychic will be able to read into your life path, and provide you with information that can help you.


In most cases, your initial inclination when choosing a psychic tends to be the right one. Within a few minutes of speaking with a psychic, you can tell whether or not they will provide you with good information. Some people are simply more naturally adept, capable of experiencing your lifestream, and will be able to see things much more clearly.

If you would like to use one of the many online psychics that are available, simply search for them on the web, and schedule an initial consultation.

Matchmaker vs. Online Dating

Match Making Agency | Vital Partners

As expert matchmakers in Sydney, we get the same question on rotation – why would I use a matchmaker as opposed to online dating sites? In today’s blog post, we’re going to give you our top reasons why singles choose matchmakers instead of hopping or searching online to meet their ideal partner.

Matchmakers are one of the oldest profession who has been around for centuries and was commonly used across the world. The basic concept of matchmaking back in the day consists of having someone introduce to you, your potential life partner – in some cases, you have the option to get to know them, however, in more traditional cultures, the wedding is set in stone way before you meet the person.

In the more modern sense of the word, Vital Partners carries on a similar concept, however, have made it easier and, more convenient so you don’t go on blind dates with a random stranger – awkward.


When you sign up for an online dating website or app, you’re merely a number that appears on their database. There is no sense of personalisation and you are essentially getting matched by a computer robot. A matchmaking agency is a complete opposite. The experts here at Vital Partners meet with all potential clients for a consultation process so they are well informed on what to expect. The consultation itself is of no charge nor obligation – our expert consultants physically see clients face to face, hear their voices and have a conversation with them to find out more about who they are and what they look in their ideal partner. Vital consultants will remember you by name, and with your face and your personality in mind, your Matchmaker is able to mentally link you up to a potential partner they have met.


How many times have you had a horrible blind date? Or just a horrible date in general? It happens to the best of us. This probably results in a night out with your friends, drinking and being miserable the next day – there is definitely emotional support, but no guidance on where you went wrong and how to approach and improve on an issue next time you’re on a date.

Your Vital Angels are experts in love. They’re able to guide you every step of the way – before your date and after your date. They are genuinely interested in how things went with you and your date and will happily offer words of wisdom for your second date. If things didn’t go as planned, they’ll support you emotionally and will always aim to lead you the right way – no booze necessary.


After going on a blind Tinder date, you’ll never really know how well or poorly you did on the date. Your only way of knowing is if they ask you on another date, but what happens when they don’t? You sit there wondering “What did I do that made them not want a second date?”

With an expert matchmaker by your side, you can receive feedback if you like.   This is because the Vital Angels speak to both sides after a date, this way you are able to receive feedback on how it all went.- an important information you could use to your advantage on your next night out.


As mentioned previously, Vital matchmakers meet their clients face to face so they know you – exist. With online dating, you’ll never really know who you’re talking to. Your matchmakers ensure you know who you’ll be going on a date with and they know too. Remember that your safety is more important than meeting someone online like a Tinder date.

Your details will not be broadcast online which means none of your details is there for everyone to see. Our matchmaking process is offline, this means your information is all confidential.


The reason you hire a matchmaker is so they can go out and do the necessary work to ensure you don’t meet people who are only after a fling or a one night stand. The details you get are up to date. Your matchmaker then searches through their database and for a suitable match based on yours and your potential partner’s preferences. Vital Partners believes there is someone out there for everybody and that’s why they are passionate about getting singles together. Your Vital Matchmakers are always more than happy to do the extra mile and answer any questions you may have about your potential match prior to meeting Your Vital Matchmaker certainly believes your happiness is a reflection of their satisfaction and of course everyone deserves to love and be loved.


Source: Courtesy of Vital Partners, Dating Site Sydney


Why Is It a Good Idea to Purchase a Wedding Ring Online?

Wedding Ring Online | Ziba & Co

If you’re getting married, choosing the right wedding ring to wear is important. It’s a ring you’ll likely wear on your finger for the rest of your life. Because it’s a valuable, timeless piece that has such a significant meaning to it, you need to make sure you’re choosing a ring you love and will continue to love forever.

If you’ve tried looking at various shops and have yet to find any wedding rings that fit your specific style or budget, looking online is worth a shot because you may just find the perfect ring.


It’s Easy to Compare the Cost of Different Rings

When you’re working with a budget, you don’t want to overspend on a ring, but you still want to make sure you’re getting something you’ll love to wear. The great thing about buying wedding rings online is that it’s a lot easier for you to compare the cost of different options because you can take your time. You don’t have a salesperson following you around the store while trying to sell you on one of the most expensive pieces they have available.

Wedding ring | Ziba & Co.

Because you’re in the comfort of your home, you can browse through various websites and even use some of the search engines to compare a lot of the different options that are available. You don’t have to feel like you’re being rushed to pick the first thing you find because you don’t have to go anywhere. You’re able to simply browse through the different types of wedding rings at your own leisure while getting a feel for how much they’re going to cost. In fact, you can even set a price range on different sites to ensure you’re not wasting any of your time looking at rings that cost way more than you’d like to spend.

You May Have Access to More Options

Not everyone has the same taste in wedding rings. While some people insist on having diamonds on their rings, other people may not be as picky, so it’s always good to be able to look at a variety of different rings. However, traditional stores might not always have the specific variety you’re looking forward to seeing. The good news is that when you look online for a wedding ring, you’ll find thousands of different options, many of which are much different from one another.


While searching online, you may find various wedding rings with decorative gemstones, pearls, and other embellishments that stand out to you. While you can choose something unique or different, you’ll still be able to find plenty of traditional wedding rings with sparkling diamonds on them as well. You may even find diamonds in different colors, including shades of pink, blue, or black. Once you have a chance to see what is out there, you should have a better idea of what you’d like to purchase.


You’ll Find an Affordable Option

No matter the type of ring you’d like to get, it should be possible for you to find one that falls within your ideal price range because online stores are often competing with one another to get more business. If they’re trying to get your business, they may be offering special deals and discounts that could help you get the ring for even less than you originally anticipated. Consider looking around online to find places that are having sales on jewelry because then you might find something that stands out to you and is listed at a price you can afford.


Shopping for a wedding ring may seem like a tedious task because you do want to make sure you’re purchasing a ring you’ll love to wear for the rest of your life. Because it’s so important to find a piece that matches your personality, looks beautiful, and fits within your price range, it’s a good idea to start shopping around for wedding rings online. There is such an impressive selection of beautiful wedding rings available online, all of which are available at different prices. If you take the time to look around, sort through the options, and compare the cost of each ring you’re interested in getting, you may soon find the perfect wedding ring for you.