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Ways To Find Good Family Portrait Ideas And The Importance Of Using Them

family photography

Being the head of a family can be a stressful, but it is very rewarding. If you are the head of your family, you know that it is very overwhelming to keep up with all the different factors. There are several ways for preserving the memories of your family, and the best one that is used by so many families is family portraits.

The best thing that you can do is to use the best family portrait ideas. So where do you find these ideas? There are several ways that you can use to find the best ideas, and you are going to learn some of the best ways in this article. Most people are not willing to look for the right ideas. That is why they don’t have good family portraits in their homes.

Best Ways for Finding Good Family Portrait Ideas

family portrait with baby

Here are the best ways for finding good family portrait ideas.

1: Talk a Professional Photographer

There are professional photographers who have been taking family pictures for several years. Start by searching for these photographers. They have the best ideas and you won’t regret if you use them. After finding the right photographer, ask him/her to show you the best family portraits.

You will make the right decision because the family photographers have several family portrait ideas. Go through these ideas and choose the ones that you love. If you love the ideas of a certain family photographer, hire that photographer. The photographer is good at taking family pictures.

A photographer can also help you create a family portrait that perfectly fits with your needs. All you need to do is to tell the photographer what you want. If you do this, then you don’t even have to go through all the family portrait ideas. You can make the best family portraits for your family.

2: Internet Research

There are thousands of family portrait ideas on the internet. Therefore, look for the best ones that you love. You can use your favorite search engine to find these ideas. The good thing is that you don’t even have to spend money to see these pictures. You can also search for websites of the best family photographers and look at their family portrait ideas.

The most important thing is for you to choose a family portrait that you love. You are going to find several ideas, so take your time and choose the best ones. If you have a big family, choose the family portrait ideas for big families. Don’t be like those people who rush to choose an idea, and they end up not liking it.

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3: Visit your Friend’s Homes

Some of your friends might have the best family portraits in their homes or even offices. These portraits are the first thing you will notice when you visit their homes. You can use the same portraits in your home. I’m sure your friends won’t mind if you use the same portraits.

The good thing about talking to your friends is that they can refer you to the family photographer who took the photos. This will make it easier for you to choose the right photographer. You don’t have to do your own research. Use the same photographer and you will get the best family portrait.

The Importance of Using the Best Family Portrait Ideas

There are several reasons why you should use the best family portrait ideas. Know that the family portraits will stay in your home for several years. So, you should make sure that you are using the best ones. Here are the importance of using the best family portrait ideas.

Reminds You of the Good Times

The good thing about family portraits is that you can use them to capture a moment in time. It is essential to capture the fleeting moments. That is why you should take your time and look for the right photographer, who will take the family photos that you need. The time and effort that you put into this will be worth it in the end.

Family is Important to You

family portrait

People who will come to your house will know that family is important to you. These family portraits are displayed in your home. Therefore, your visitors will know that family comes first for you and you are proud of your children. There are different ways that you can use to show your family portraits. Therefore, if you choose the best family portrait ideas, your pictures will look good in your home.

Making Pictures Memorable and Original

children portrait

When you are searching for the right family portrait idea, you will come across so many of them. There are those with different settings and poses. Therefore, you can find the right portraits by talking to a photographer. If you want to make the pictures memorable, then you need to choose the best family portrait ideas. You can use the tips mentioned above to choose the right family portrait.

You now know how to select the right family portrait idea and the importance of using the best family portrait ideas. Most people don’t take their time to look for the right family portrait idea, so they end up losing their family pictures. This happens because they might end up not liking the family portrait they chose. The good thing about family portraits is that they make the pictures look original and memorable. You will never forget the good times if you choose the right family portrait idea.

How To Take Close-Ups Of Animals Without Disturbing Them

fox photo

Wildlife photography is simply amazing. It’s a pleasure to see all those eagles, wolves, bears, squirrels and who knows what else doing their thing, right there, in the middle of their natural habitat. These portraits capture the very essence of those beings, their magnificence and their soul. Such shots have the power to connect emotionally with the viewer, demanding attention and establishing a sort of eye contact that’s very hard to ignore.

wildlife photography

However, taking wild animal portraits isn’t easy. In order to maximize the impact on your audience, you need close-ups. On the other hand, perhaps it’s not such a good idea to get that close to a wild beast that might decide to have you for dinner. Besides, some animals are shy, so they tend to run away from people who get too close to them. They are not used to humans, so they tend to avoid contact. Others can become aggressive if they feel you as an intruder. Mothers can cause you a lot of trouble, as they have the natural instinct of protecting their cubs. No photo is worth a life, so you’d better refrain from getting too close to the little ones, no matter how cute they may be.

Tips on How to Take Close-ups Animal Photography

These being said, since animals are such great subjects, many photographers try to capture their awesomeness in close-up. If you know how to do it, you can be rewarded with some really cool shots. This article is going to give you a few ideas to improve your chances of success.

Remote, Solid Tripod and Patience

photographer and his tripod

The first thing to know is that no wild animal is ever going to pose for you. The best photographers know patience is a must-have virtue in such situations. Many of them spend countless hours in the cold or under the scorching sun, waiting for the perfect moment to come. They can’t get close, as they might scare away the animals. It’s much better to set the camera on a tripod and wait for the animals to come to you. You can use your remote control for zooming or for changing various parameters such as focal length, exposure and ISO value. You need to hide yourself, if you want to capture the best wildlife moments. Staying too close to the camera won’t do you any good, so make sure you have a remote and a solid tripod.

Telephoto Lenses

When taking photos of animals, telephoto lenses are your best friends. You have to remember that these portraits are good only if they capture the subject from very close. A good zoom lens can help you get closer to birds flying high in the sky, to bears picking berries or to gazelles drinking water. Under these circumstances, you can leave your fixed focal lenses at home, as they won’t help you take those amazing shots you are after. As extreme telephoto lenses aren’t cheap, you have to invest a good chunk of money into your passion, so be prepared to empty your bank account until the next paycheck. Nonetheless, if you invest in a high quality lens, you are going to be rewarded with stunning portraits of animals. Besides, if you decide to sell your photo gear, you can recover most of your money back, as used lenses still have a good market value.

Try Farm Animals or Pets

pet photo

Photographers who aren’t really into wild life and adventure can try their skill on farm animals or pets. They may still be camera shy, but they won’t hurt you whatsoever. Nonetheless, you should use a telephoto lens, as it would enable you to keep a low profile while waiting for the perfect shot. If the subject is one of your pets, you may be able to use a wide-angle lens, as your furry friends don’t tend to run away when they see you. A sleeping cat can make the perfect subject for animal portrait photography with a good viral potential. Publish it on your social media profiles and you are going to be surprised at how many people appreciate this kind of shots.

Last but not least, keep in mind that you may have to take hundreds of shots in order to get a single one. However, their beauty is surely worth the trouble.

Best Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners

groom and best man wedding day

Will you be obtaining a wedding photographer for your up-and-coming wedding? This is often the best idea that you can have for capturing each and every moment of this special day. These professionals will have cameras that can be used to take pictures, videos, and even aerial photography if they have a drone that they are bringing to this occasion. Many people are unable to afford an actual wedding photographer, and therefore must try to get this done on their own. They will have to recruit the help of people that either have smart phones or can use cameras that they already have in order to take all of the images and videos on their wedding day. There are a few tips that people should use if they are going to do this for you if you are planning a wedding in the near future, strategies that will allow friends or family members to get the best pictures every time.


What Are The Best Shots?

wedding photographer

People often ask what are the best angles or shots that people can get for their wedding day. There are obvious ones that everyone knows including the cutting of the cake, the kiss after exchanging vows, and of course the picture with the bride, groom, best man and bridesmaids. However, if these shots are not taken at a particular angle, with the right lighting, and also with the people properly prepared, it can change the entire image from something that can be magical to a dismal disaster.


Preparing People For Pictures

Just like the director of a movie, you are responsible for creating the magic on the screen, but in this case it is for your wedding imagery. There are a few things that you need to tell people that will be there such as maintaining a happy expression. This is a best of occasion, one that is supposed to be a glorious moment, and therefore there should be smiles on the faces of people that will be attending your wedding that day. This is particularly true for the main images which will be of the bride and groom, and all of the people that are wearing suits and downs that are also part of the wedding.


Consider The Angle

wedding photography

Instead of having a straight shot, one that is at the same level as the bride and groom, you might want to consider taking the image from a lower angle. One of the reasons for doing this is that it gives a very unique perspective, making the image larger-than-life, when you are angling up instead of looking straight on, or even angling down. It is also important for the shots that you take to be from perspective that will create unique appeal. For example, instead of being right in front of the people that you are taking photos of, you should be off to the side so that you can get the full perspective of the location.


Consider The Lighting

wedding photo

If this is going to be done in the morning, one of the best shots that you can take of anyone that is there is to capture the morning light. Preferably, it should be off to one side, up in the corner if possible, giving that etheric appearance that will showcase not only the bright light of the sun, but the shadows that it will cast on the people that will be present. If this is outside, you can also get shadows with photos are taken under the trees, and the inside, you can adjust the lighting manually. It’s also a good idea to bring in lights that can be used for images that are portraits in order to cast the right shadows on their faces and body to give depth and dimension to every image that is taken.


How To Get The Best Videos

If you are doing videos, there are only a couple things that you can do to change things up, and also make the videos much more appealing. Unlike a camera, and having the ability to keep people still, people at the wedding are always going to be on the move. That’s why you need to shoot clips, preferably with a small amount of movement while filming to make it seem more real. These clips can be stitched together, and with the addition of an aerial view provided by a drone, it can create something that is very unique that will cover the entire wedding.

After you have gathered all of the equipment that you will need for the wedding, and you are ready to show people what to do, just remember that they need to coach the people that will have their picture taken so that they can add some type of emotional dimension to the images. Consider your lighting both inside and out to create shadows that will create the right perspective. Finally, the videos that you do should be short clips, creating a short movie of your wedding day, in order to keep viewers interested.

Tips For Getting Proper Exposures For Night Photography

night photography at the farm

Night photography can be very rewarding. You can get some really stunning pictures, as many bridges, monuments and buildings are lit by night, thus becoming the ideal subjects for many professional photographers and beginners alike. However, very few people manage to get those great shots they see with their eyes. The camera settings become way more important by night, as even the slightest mistake can cost you the shot. Exposure and ISO are the two major parameters you need to learn how to set up in order to be able to shoot in the darkness. As a matter of fact, there is a triangle consisting of aperture, exposure and ISO value, all three parameters being in direct relationship with each other.


night photo

Determining The Right Exposure Level

Exposure is extremely important because it determines the amount of time the diaphragm stays open. By night, this time needs to be longer, in order to allow enough light to enter the camera. This means hand holding your camera isn’t the best idea of all. You are going to need to use a tripod, otherwise it’s going to be hard to prevent the camera from shaking. In bright light, the exposure time is very short, so you don’t have to worry about holding your camera steady. Night time is different, so you have to get used to taking your tripod with you, if you want great night shots.

Check out our gallery of night photos collected as examples:

Getting the proper exposure is the biggest challenge of night photography. In addition, when the amount of available light is so little, you need to shoot at higher ISO values, thus having to deal with digital noise. You should know that the higher the ISO value, the lower your exposure needs to be. One step up on the ISO scale is equivalent to one step down on the exposure scale. When trying to set the right exposure, you should probably start by deciding which ISO value you are going to use. Each camera model has its own behavior at high ISO values, so you should know which is the upper limit for yours. Ideally, you should stop by the value that enables you to get low digital noise. Once you set your ISO, go ahead and try various exposure values. Choose shutter speeds of 1-4 seconds, combined with an aperture of f/8 – f/11. If you aren’t happy with the results, try tweaking either the aperture or the shutter speed until you are satisfied with the images. It comes without saying that you need to make sure your camera is in Manual mode. Entry level DSLR and mirrorless cameras have predefined settings for night photography, so you can choose one of them, if you don’t want to bother with trying to get proper exposures by yourself. Nonetheless, the fun of night photography is to try to discover the right settings by yourself, so that you can impress your friends with your abilities and with your results.

You should also be aware that in the Manual mode you can only play with exposures up to 30 seconds. If this is not enough to get a good shot, you need to switch to the Bulb mode. The working principle is the same as in Manual mode, with the difference that the shutter stays open for as long as you hold the button down. If you want the shutter to close you have to release the button. This enables you to have an excellent control over the exposure time. Nonetheless, releasing the shutter without introducing camera shake into the exposure is almost impossible. This is why you need a remote shutter release for such situations. There are two types of remotes. They are both effective and fairly inexpensive, so you can choose the one that suits best your preferences.

Determining the right exposure level can be difficult at night, as choosing the metering mode has several challenges. Spot metering is going to confuse your camera, as aiming at a bright light will lead to a totally different value than aiming at a dark background. One possible solution is to use spot metering and to aim at the highlights. Just take some test shots, make the necessary adjustments, and see which setting works best.

When taking test shots, you can speed up the process by reducing the exposure time while increasing the ISO. Once you are happy with the result, work your way down to your regular ISO, and adjust the shutter speed accordingly.

Last but not least, consider bracketing, as it can serve you for creating HDR images later on. Even if you don’t like HDR photography, you can still use bracketing, as it is going to enable you pick a slightly different exposure, thus allowing you to save some otherwise doomed shots. Take your time, relax and don’t worry if you have to spend a lot of time on each shot. These efforts are going to pay off.

The Right Camera Accessories For Stealth Photography

Do Not Disturb The Decisive Moment

candid shot

One of the the greatest photographers who used the stealth style of photography was Cartier Bresson. He came up with an idea called the decisive moment, a moment when something special was happening, that shouldn’t be disturbed but that had to be recorded in photographic form. To do this he chose equipment that didn’t bring much attention to himself and more importantly that didn’t disrupt the moment he was trying to capture. If you want to shoot with this level of stealth, you will need the right equipment.

Choosing A Stealthy Camera

stealth camera

Not all cameras are great for stealthy shooting. Many of the professional and amateur DSLR cameras are not the best choice. They are not the best choice because on each shot a mirror is lifted and snapped back down into place, this causes a very loud sound that brings attention to the photographers and that disrupts the scene that they are shooting. When choosing a camera, you will need something that has a quiet shutter, that doesn’t have loud mirror slap and that is small and easy to handle.

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Snipers Need Silencers & Photographers Need…

In the last section we talked about how most SLR cameras do not make the best stealth shooting cameras, especially up close. Most of the greats use range finders because they do not have a loud mirror that will sound off every time you snap the shutter. They also choose smaller cameras that are easier to hide, that might not look like what ppl see professional photographers shooting, although these cameras are just as expensive. They typically use cameras that hide into the background, that allow them to look like a tourist, that do not bring much attention to the the photographer.

Choosing The Right Lens

It is always our believe that the best place to spend your money as a photographer is on lenses and not cameras. Camera bodies become outdated, they all basically do the same thing for their class, but the lenses that you buy are often the greatest factor on determining your end product. When it comes to shooting with stealth in mind, we can look at what some of the greats used. Some used mid range primes like a 50mm, most use 35mm to get up close and have a wide angle, and some use telephotos so that they can shoot at a large distance from their subjects. All of these make really good stealth shooting lenses and all depends on what type of results you want, how much depth of field, how much isolation or background do you want.

Cheating With Telephoto Lenses

There are many ways to be a stealthy photographer. You could depend on a quiet camera and sneak shots from up close or maybe you could use a telephoto and stay far away from your subject, capturing them in your camera like a sniper strikes down an enemy. This style can create some interesting images and your subject matter will likely never know that you have captured them. There are many telephotos on the market that are great for this purpose.

The Greats Get Close

candid shot of a kid playing bubbles

Some of the best photographers who utilize stealth are not afraid to get in close to capture a moment. They jump in with cat like ninja quickness and take an image before anyone notices. They use quiet cameras and wide angle lenses to make a good image. This type of photography takes bravery but it is a lot of fun. There is a renewed interest in this type of photography and you might be interested in this style.

Putting It All Together

There is a lot of history when it comes to the need of a photographer to be stealthy. It all started with the great street and photo journalistic photographers who didn’t want to disturb what happened but only wanted to record it. Cartier Bresson, the famous street photographer focused on what he called the decisive moment, that perfect moment when life happens and when you need to be ready with your camera unknown to your subject matter. To achieve this goal you will need the right equipment. You will need a camera with a quiet shutter, you will need to decide how much guts do you have: will you cheat and shoot far away from your subject with a telephoto like a sniper or will you get right up close and snap a photos like the greats with a wide angle or some other prime? Each can make great photographs.

How To Learn Macro Photography

leaf - macro photography

Getting Started In Macro Photography

flower - macro photography

In this article we will share some ideas on what you should focus on as you learn macro photography. We will go into what type of camera you should buy, why you should take an interest in this style of photography, what type of lenses to buy, how to learn this style of photography and why you should create your own voice through this medium.


Why Macro Photography

fly - macro photography

Why exactly do you want to shoot macro photography? People have many different reasons but mine are simply because I like digging in deep into a subject matter, blowing up the details, magnifying its beauty, turning a micro world into more of a visual macrocosm. I am inspired by a lot of the flower photography and micro toy macro blow up photography that creates a world of its own.

Why macro photography? Because it is beautiful, artistic and another way to express myself

Get The Right Camera

You need the right camera to do macro photography. What we suggest is a camera that can accept different types of lens. We recommend a micro 4:3 camera or larger sensor because you will get the best image quality from such a camera. It should be made by a reputable brand, have great reviews and should have all the features that you need in a camera. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive camera or the newest but it should have decent features.


macro lensMore Importantly Get The Right Lenses

What photographer doesn’t like to talk about cameras and new gear? It is like as if being a photographer is as much about the camera you use as it is about the art you create. It really shouldn’t be that way and a camera is just a tool. One tool that is even greater than your camera body is the lens that you choose to use. Your lens will determine more so than your camera the outcome of your images. As so, you should spend more time and even more money on picking the right macro lenses vs buying the latest and greatest camera.


photography lessonsLearn From Others

One of the best ways to learn macro photography is by learning from those who are great at it. We do not all have time or money to take workshops with a pro but we can watch free videos on the subject, we can read instructional articles and more importantly we can all open Flickr and look at the works of other photographer. Seeing what others have created will give you a chance to practice shooting similar subjects in the same manner, it will allow you to develop skills by mimicking and figuring out what the photographer did in camera and even post to get a certain look.


Create Your Own Voice

In the last section we talked a lot about looking at the work of other photographers and using it to learn. That is definitely a great way to learn but ultimately you do not want to be a copycat.

Yes, there is a saying that good artist copy and great artist steal, but ultimately you want to create your own style, develop and eye that allows you to give a unique voice (your own) to your photography.

We all start off copying but we should not end up there without any progress or without us injecting more of ourselves into our art.


Putting It All Together

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you need to learn to get started in macro photography but it is a very easy subject to learn. We started off by asking why macro photography and spoke of why people use it. We next suggested that you need the right camera but in the next section spoke of how having the right macro lens is far more important than having an expensive camera. We next spoke about the value of learning from other photographers, viewing their images and learning this way. After that we talked about developing your own voice and eye to allow your own creativity to flow through your photography. We believe that these are the basic things that are needed to learn macro photography.