What are the Benefits of Using Plastic Bags

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There are many disadvantages of plastic bags. They are unsafe for the environment as they are not easy to recycle and can also lead to several health hazards. However, one thing that no one out there can deny is the fact that plastic bags are the most convenient and functional packaging option.

This is the major reason why they are used worldwide on a large scale for functions such as parcelling, retailing, shopping and so on. In fact, about 500 billion plastic bags are used every year mostly for shopping.

The advantages of plastic bags cannot be overlooked only because they are not safe for the environment. Using plastic bags is beneficial in many ways to both retailers and customers. So, without further ado, here are the benefits of using plastic bags.

Good for Branding

Those who operate stores or supermarkets find it easy to print their business’s name, logo and other important information on plastic bags. And the best thing is that with plastic bags, it is easy to make changes in design.


Plastic bags are cheaper than cloth or paper packaging. A piece of plastic bag costs about .25 cents while a piece of paper bag costs 5 cents or more. A reusable cloth bag, on the other hand, will cost a few dollars. Therefore, buying plastic bags makes economic sense as you will be able to save more and earn more from your business.

Save time and space

Plastic bags can save you time as they are quick to open and pack. This is the major reason why busy cashiers like using them as they keep lines moving in an efficient manner. They also save space as they take up less space than paper bags at cashier point and in storage.

Reusable cloth bags, on the other hand, take up more space and are heavier than plastic bags. So, you don’t have to look for extra space to store the plastic bags as they take up less space. So, if you want a packaging option that will help you save time and space, then it may be good to consider plastic bags.


Most of the plastic bags out there are biodegradable. What this means is that they can be broken down in a reasonable amount of time when thrown in the waste. Plastic bags are usually decomposed in 3 years while on average, an ordinary plastic bag takes about 500 years to completely decompose.

This is due to the fact that biodegradable bags are decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. Biodegradable plastic bags don’t leave any trace behind and therefore safe for the environment.

Consume less energy during the manufacturing process

The plastic manufacturing process is energy efficient and causes less solid waste percentage. A plastic bag uses about 40% less energy to make and causes 70% less solid waste than a paper bag.

Plastic Bags | Dabron Packaging

Weatherproof and durable

Plastic bags are usually durable. This is mainly due to the fact that they are less vulnerable to tearing and also resistant to most of the chemicals. They are also weatherproof as they can protect the contents from water or rain. This is something that paper or cloth bags cannot outperform plastic bags.

As you can see, there are many benefits of using plastic bags for your home or business. While they are pocket-friendly and durable packaging option, plastic bags can end up in oceans and landfill and destroy the environment.

This is why it is a good idea to reuse your plastic bags as much as you before throwing them. Leave the rest on the recycling. Doing this will help you avoid the disadvantages of using plastic bags including their percentage of the waste and their inability to decompose when thrown away.

In addition, it will help slow down the rate of the waste that is being piled up in landfills and ocean.

There are many reasons why you should consider using plastic bags. Recycling them thoroughly can benefit customers and businesses without having to destroy the environment.

So, don’t feel guilty whenever you use a plastic bag thinking that you will destroy the environment by using them. You can still enjoy the benefits offered by plastic bags without destroying the environment by using them in an eco-friendly way.