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The Best And Cheapest Party Decorations

Party Decorations | The Little Events Co.

Everyone loves a party but the thought of party planning might stop that idea immediately. Well, did you know that you can throw an amazing party without spending too much? Here are some cheap party decorations that will make your next party amazing.


  • Featuring The Food –

In some cases, you don’t need an expensive party décor besides creating a decorative buffet for your guests. If you’re throwing a party on a budget, you should avoid the fancy and expensive dishes or bowls and start your own DIY ideas. For instance, you can always try out pedestal bowls by spray painting candlesticks and be glueing melamine bowls to them. It’s an amazing and cheap idea for your party, regardless of the theme.


  • Choose An Outdoor Venue –

When you’re throwing your party indoors, there’s always the pressure of creating an impressive theme using various party decorations. Well, did you consider choosing an outdoor venue? Nature is always an impressive backdrop for your party and you don’t need too much décor. With enough seating and places for your guests to place their drinks, there’s isn’t much more to party decorating but you can always add something extra if you feel like it.

  • Don’t Forget Your Balloons –

Every party needs balloons and if you blow them up on your own, they are very cheap party décor items. For a youthful look, you should consider bright or primary colours. If your guests are mature, you should stick to a maximum of two colours. You can use a string or curling ribbon to hang the balloons from the ceiling. Additionally, you can always scatter the balloons on the floor or create a fun shape depending on the nature of the party. Even better, use the balloons as a backdrop on a wall.


  • Use Candles To Create An Ambiance –

Are you looking to create an intimate and fun party ambience? You can do so effortlessly with soft lighting and that’s where candles come in handy. It’s one of the best ways to use fewer decorations for your party without anyone noticing. For the best results, you should use candles of various sizes and heights in the venue and also light the areas near tables and the buffet.


  • Add Some Color –

Using bright colours in your party puts everyone in the party vibe. Walk into any store and you will find lots of paper party decorations and printables that you can use to decorate your party without spending too much money. Even better, you can make it eco-friendly by doing a little recycling from your own home or find anyone that can lend you recycling material.


  • Try A Casual Theme –

You don’t need an entire dining table to seat 20 guests when a simple floor works perfectly. You can use floor pillows to make the entire event intimate and casual. If you’re throwing a simple party with finger foods and cocktails, the lesser the décor the more interesting the party becomes.


  • Matching Isn’t Necessary –

Another way of creating simple party decorations is by mixing your plates, stemware and dinnerware. If you’re hosting a festive cheese and wine party, you can tie napkins or ribbons around the necks of the wine bottles and also serve crackers and cheeses on clean tiles for the most amazing look.


Party Decorations | The Little Event Company


  • Try A Natural Theme –

Did you know that even without any décor your party will be amazing? Well, you can always choose a natural look for your party and make it completely chic. With a simple tabletop, you can add some wooden serving dishes, a cheap flower bouquet and simple foods. You can always choose wildflowers and your party will look magnificent.


  • One Simple Color –

Do you like simplicity when it comes to colours? Well, many colours will make a party pop but one simple colour can also do the trick. You can always pull off a white party and it’s actually very cheap. With all the guests dressed in white and with linens in the same colour, your party will certainly stand out.


In conclusion, you don’t have to cancel your upcoming party because you’re worried that it’s too expensive to get decorations. You can always go cheap and give your guests the most unforgettable experience.