Learn The Early History Of Colour Photography

Colour Photography | Jui the Artist

Colour photography is one thing that a majority of the people take for granted. However, they do not realize the history of these images and how it has made a change in the way that people live their lives. Once they start to explore the history of colour photography they will see that this is going to be a history they are going to want to continue to explore and actually may want to share with the people they are hanging out with.

However, in other cases, they will only be learning about this because it is required for their classes they are taking and will forget it as soon as they learn it.

As you may know, photography would not really come around to be a mainstream item until the year 1839.

It was then that the pictures would start to be taken in the black and white images and the grainy look that so many people have seen. The problem is the people who at the time were able to get the photographs wanted to have the color added to the images to make them seem even more real than what they already were. What else is a driving factor is the buyers of the images were complaining that they could get paintings in color. This is the driving factor that would to the photographers coming out with their own solution.

This would come around in the year 1851 which would see the photographers get the image to the highest quality they could manage. Then they would take the image and hand it over to a highly skilled artist. The artist would then take and put the color into the image in a very painstaking and time-consuming task. This was definitely something the artist did enjoy, but it was very time consuming and the reason why not many colour images are around from the time is they would be so long to take and expensive to complete.

However, once the images were completed they would be in a likeness that everyone would know what was going on in the image and know that it was going to be the image that people wanted to see.


It would be James Clerk Maxwell who would start to experiment with the colors and found out that he could formulate almost all of the natural colors from the basic three colors that every child learn. It was in this process that he was able to start to replicate some of the natural colors as the coloring of the images was not a very accurate representation of the way the lights were supposed to be looking and this definitely led to some disappointment that people were experiencing in the early coloring options that people wanted to have.

Louis Ducos Du Hauron a Frenchman would be one of the people who would officially announce that they were able to bring about colored photography.

This was done by taking several different negatives and combining them together to form the colors. The colors would actually be a pigmentation of the different colors and it was definitely something the people would find very interesting as it was helpful for people to find the right colors and know they would be blended to create a color that would start to appear natural. The plates to develop the color images would finally become available to the public in the 1880s.

It would not be until the 1900s that color photography would start to become available for the people to use. This is definitely something the people would be welcome to because so many people were looking for the color images. These new images would actually be affordable for most people as well compared to the cost that set colored images out of the price range of people.

However, the advances in the technology would continue to bring about even crisper and clearer images for people to explore and the history of colour photography is what led to the cameras advancing and the price comes down to the point that everyone is able to get the images they want to have printed off for a price that is so low that people would never have dreamed it possible.