All You Need to Know About Premiere Tile Cleaning

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Tile floors are available in a wide range of stunning colors, textures, and patterns and are used extensively in cultural, residential and commercial locations due to their versatility and durability.

But above all ceramic tiles are beautiful and can retain their luster forever with very little maintenance in comparison with other flooring options. This is due to the highly-developed manufacturing process that has been perfected over more than 3000 years of tile flooring history.

Ceramics consist of natural ingredients that are baked in a furnace at high temperatures until the perfect durability is achieved. Then, they are glazed with a resilient barrier that ensures moisture is kept out of their porous interiors. This makes tile floors very resistant to stains, water damage, chemical spills, molds, mildew, chipping, scratching and other hazards that can besiege the interior flooring

Nevertheless, the tile floor high durability should not be taken for granted and it is essential to provide proper tile cleaning to ensure the longevity and beauty of your ceramic tile floors.

Properly Caring For your Tile Floor

A Tile Floor that sees only a small amount of foot traffic will need far less attention than a tile floor in a fashionable boutique or public restroom. But the most important thing to keep in mind is how to protect your floor from the accidents and daily attrition it must endure.

If you are the proud owner of a high-value Italian tile or other specialty tiles, be sure to consult with the manufacturers for specific cleaning instructions.

Spills and Accidents

The ceramic tile is one tough cookie and will withstand most water, oils, and chemical damage. But, you don’t want to allow these elements anytime to do their work. Act fast to cordon off the area and apply a solution of mild floor detergents and warm water. Make sure the water and chemicals have been completely removed and change mop water as needed.

Regular Care for Tile and Grout

The most important aspect of tile care and maintenance is the regular cleaning you apply to keep that shine and glaze in impeccable conditions. Regular cleaning also ensures that the grout is kept free of dust grime and other debris.

To clean your floors, begin by removing all the dry dust, hairs, pet dander and other particles from the floor with a through sweeping or vacuuming. The only effective way to accomplish this task is systematical, so work from one point in your home or room to the other.

Once the dry dirt and particles have been removed all that is left are the oily grease and sticky particles that can make the tile look dingy and lusterless.

An appropriate factory-recommended tile cleaning agent and a bucket of warm water are all you need to loosen these particles and restore your tile floor. If your floor is especially dirty, give it a once-over with a wet mop, before going over the floor again with a mildly damp mop.

If you have pets or children or are concerned about using chemicals in your home, plain white vinegar is one of the safest cleaning agents in existence. Just add a cup of high-strength white vinegar to a gallon of water.

The grout is the spaces between the tiles that keep the tiles in their places. This section is not as resistant to moisture, oils grease and stains and can become discolored very quickly. Preserving the beauty and cleanliness of your grout is an important part of regular care.

Once or twice a year this will need to be cleaned with a stronger solution of equal parts, hydrogen peroxide, warm water and white vinegar. Grab a toothbrush and begin attacking the grout lines in different directions. The more consistently this task is done the easier it will be.

Professional Tile Cleaning Options

Even after your consistent mopping and cleaning efforts, your floors will begin to gather discolorations in their textures and the grime will begin to lose its clean whiteness. The tile floors in the bathrooms and kitchens are the most noticeable examples, but the entryways, walkways, exterior tiles and high traffic areas will soon follow.

Rather than breaking your back on all-fours, professional cleaning services provide an effective cleaning that leaves your entire tile floor and conjoining grout in impeccable conditions. In addition to cleaning the textured tiles, professional’s services can seal and protect your grout to keep your tile floors in better condition longer. This also adds a considerable boost to their visual qualities as well.