Concrete Cutting For Basement Renovations

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Cellars or basements are often seen as dark and dingy areas of a house. More often than not, they’re considered to be a useless part of a home or are used to store family discards that yet to make it to the trash. Well, with the incredibly high prices of real estate nowadays and the rarity of substantial lots to use for home extensions, the basement, after years of ignorance and neglect, is now more than ever being considered as a practical and cost-effective place for adding more space to our homes.

Planning to do any major renovations to your basement?

There are a few factors that you need to consider including the height of the ceiling, emergency egress as well as the steepness or stair pitch. All these factors can differ significantly depending on where you reside and so, it is important to contact your local building department for advice on these requirements. Emergency egress is simply an emergency escape. A door of at least 30 inches wide is considered to be an in ideal egress in most regions but a window needs to be of a specific size and a minimum distance from the floor to be considered safe.

Usually, the calculation of a safe height and size of a cellar is determined by how easily an elderly and overweight individual can open and climb out in case of an emergency like a fire. These construction codes were established as nobody was going to be able to get out of those traditional 18 by 30 inches metal framed pull in windows easily, particularly an overweight senior, and would probably die trying in the event of a fire.

Local building codes ideally call for both a window and a door egress for a basement to be considered ideal and safe for living. In most cases, building codes require an egress to be installed in every room in the basement as well. So, if you have a habit of performing home repairs and renovations without proper building permits, know that it’s important to find out about the building codes in Melbourne and adhere to them for the safety of you and your loved ones.

By installing all the required egress, you are basically killing two birds with one stone.

As mentioned above, you will be making an otherwise potentially hazardous area safe, as well as adding the benefits of natural light. Adding natural light to your cellar gives the space an appealing look and a warm feeling that you would otherwise be uncomfortable without.

Now, at this stage, you might be pondering how homeowners get perfectly square and smooth openings in their home foundations. You might have never heard of such or do not even know whether such a process exists. Well, thankfully, there are companies such as Megasaw in Melbourne, that specialize in cutting window openings and doorways in concrete walls. These contractors are usually referred to as concrete cutters and sometimes saw cutting outfits. Regardless, you will find them listed on your local yellow pages, or local Google Maps once you search the terms concrete sawing, core drilling, or concrete cutting Melbourne services.

A professional concrete cutting contractor will make the process look very easy and help accelerate your cellar remodelling project. However, it is important that you look for a company that will do an exceptional job by making precise cuts in the right places.

As with any other home improvement project, you will want a contractor that has been in the field

Thanks to today’s technology, there is a variety of high-quality tools and techniques that don’t damage the surrounding objects. It’s no longer enough to just have a diamond saw and blade to undertake these of projects. They ideally need safety gear that protects you and the operators from dust and chips produced during the cutting process. Dust not only damages the finish of the surrounding objects but is harmful to the human respiratory system.

An excellent concrete contractor specializes in several areas like sawing, drilling as well as wall removal. It won’t be hard for them to undertake the project and finish it in time. However, ensure that they are licensed to undertake such projects in Melbourne.

If you wish to accomplish your goals for your basement renovation process, do not hesitate to contact Megasaw Today!

The Benefits Associated With Hand Sawing

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Even though the power saws offer a convenient tool for woodworking projects, there are the times where they produce too much power, are too inconvenient or unwieldy for the cutting job. In most cases, the power-driven saws do not offer enough precision. For these situations, the hand saw is usually the preferable alternative for these tasks.

Just because they require muscle power does not mean they should be difficult to work with. In fact, when chosen correctly, and maintained well the hand saw offers a number of advantages and can be pleasurable to work with. Even though a hand saw is a tool that appears pretty straightforward, there are few details to consider before you choose one.

The Size Of The Teeth

The teeth-per-centimeter or inch provides the largest influence on the cutting ability of the hand saw. The larger teeth and lower TPI are more suitable for the softer materials, while the smaller teeth with a higher TPI are suited for the harder materials. The coarse blades that feature a 2 to 8 TPI are suitable for ripping the softer woods with a grain. The medium blades that feature a 10 to 20 TPI are suitable for crosscutting and materials classified as moderately hard. The finer blades for hand sawing with 20 to 30 TPI are useful for extremely precise cuts and harder materials.

The bigger teeth are designed to cut faster, and they remove more of the material with every pass, and in some cases more than should have been cut. If you are finding it difficult to start a cut or to get the hand saw through the material, it is advisable to use the blades with higher tooth counts. Trying to pull or push a coarser saw through harder materials will damage the saw and wear your strength out. Keep in mind that the coarser blades are designed for rougher cuts. When you require a smoother finish, use the finer blades, even though it will take more time to cut.

The orientation and shape associated with the teeth will also determine what and how they cut. For hand sawing there are 2 common layouts, which includes the crosscut and rip. The crosscut saw is used for cutting across the woodgrain. They feature pointy, narrow blades with sharp alternating edges. These teeth work similar to small knives that cut along each side of a kerf. The crosscut saw usually cut in the pull and push part of strokes, but cut better when used in 1 direction, dependent on their angle.

The rip saws are used to cut along the wood’s grain. These hand saws feature coarser teeth compared to the crosscut saws, while only their bottom edges are sharp. These saws act like small chisels which chip-away at the wood during the hand sawing process. The also only work in a single direction in either a pull or push, dependent on the saw.

hand sawing | MEGASAWBelow are a few advantages of hand sawing:

1. Easy To Transport

Most of the hand saws are significantly lighter and smaller in comparison to the powered saws and they do not need electricity cables in order to operate. This means it is a simple task to move your saw from one area or location to another.

There are even smaller versions of the general-purpose hand saws, known as tool-box saws. These tools are compact enough to fit into a toolbox, which means you always have a saw with you wherever you may go.

2. Lightweight

The manual saws are a lot lighter when compared to the powered version, which means you can use them for hand sawing projects in awkward areas like over your head or when you need to get under a woodworking project.

3. Convenient In Places Where There Is No Power Outlet Available

Because the hand saws are solely powered by your effort, they do not need a rechargeable-battery or a power cable.

4. Lower Risks

Power saws have the ability to cut very fast and with force. This means it is easy to make a mistake or lose control of a powered device when you do not have enough experience in handling one of these tools. With the hand sawing projects, you are in control of the saw and you have the ability to reduce risks to yourself and the material that you are working on.

Steel Laser Cutting and Its Advantages

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There are a few kinds of cutting methods on the market. It could be difficult to fully grasp the range of information that’s frequently positioned before a person and choose what might be the ideal method for their selected industry or application.

To help individuals, here is a guide put together by professionals. This guide will talk about the advantages of steel laser cutting.

Reasons why Laser Cutting Exists

The production and manufacturing processes all throughout the world have been innovating and developing at a very fast pace. Thus, all of the people that are helping to deliver it and its processes have also evolved.

Though conventional cutting forms function great, there’s a need for a more reliable, more efficient, and safer method that could cope up with the increasing demand on production and manufacturing.

The answer to this is laser cutting. It works more accurately and quickly. It is also the reason why products are able to have more function while losing some unnecessary number of components and size. Meaning, steel laser cutting has been accepted as a basic method in several industries. This includes medical, semiconductors, electronics, aerospace, and automotive.

The Advantages of Steel Laser Cutting

Steel Laser Cut | Lightning Laser CuttingIt is a non-contact method

Meaning, the laser beam utilized in this method does not touch physically the material that the laser is working with. It instead causes the cutting and the melting process through heat. Meaning, the material’s damage is minimized and expensive maintenance schedules and repairs for moving parts that touch the work surface could be prevented.

It utilizes low power consumption

This is a significant benefit in a world that’s looking to work while saving budget. This could be done by rising up production while decreasing the expenses.

Typically, a machine that cuts using laser would only utilize around 10kW of electricity. On the other hand, other cutting methods utilize more than 60kW of power.

It is a safer process

The need for safety also increases as the need for production increases. Laser cutting is a method that is a lot safer than other methods since the laser beam that’s being utilized is closed in a lightbox that is tight.

It could work with a lot of various materials

Laser cutting has no issue cutting it down in bits or assisting to generate intricate and complex shapes, whether it is glass, wood, plastics, diamonds, metal, or any other materials.

It is very accurate

The incredibly precise and accurate nature of steel laser cutting is one of the biggest advantages that is has delivered. It enables very precise cuts that leave a smooth finish and a clean cut. This has aided devices, components, and products to become a lot smaller, and greatly lowers the amount of wastage of the material that has been done in the previous decades.

It is not just handy for the manufacturing procedure

While it is mainly utilized for production and manufacturing processes, this is not the only field that laser cutting has brought a great influence it is commonly utilized in the medical field for cutting human tissues. It is also utilized in procedures like laser eye surgery.

Fast Setup Times

Setup times are greatly lowered since there are no hard tools used in laser cutting. Tool maintenance and changeover usually consume a lot of time. Time is important in the production process, and if it is consumed just by changeover and maintenance, the production rate would be lowered. The machine programming and loading of material is the only setup time required in laser cutting. This is obviously cost-friendly and efficient.

Unlimited Customization

The opportunity of infinite customization is the best advantage of a laser cutting. It’s the ideal method for cutting really intricate and detailed holes, whether it is small or big. It could help create difficult designs in a snap.

Running Rev Change

Few changes would be required in the design as the product evolves. Luckily, laser cutting helps in making those changes very easy. Changes could be directly made in the programming without any change of tool.

Cutting steel is one of the vital phases in the process of metal fabrication. With the help of steel laser cutting, it could be done in no time.

What are the Advantages of Modern Home Designs

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There are so many reasons to go with a modern home design in this day and age. In fact, privacy, space, and energy are hard to come by today. A modern home design will help you reap the numerous benefits associated with such a plan. Outdoor connections and natural light are almost revered these days. There were many restrictions in place in the past where contemporary home designs were concerned. Today, with more and more homeowners embracing the contemporary house style, you should invest in a modern home design to reap the many benefits of it.

Here are some of the advantages of a modern home design.

1. Space is used as efficiently as possible in a modern home design.

The hallway, corridor, and ceiling space are designed in order to minimize transitional spaces and maximize airflow in the house. This type of home design would seek a balance between the usable space and the overall home size. In fact, living space is never limited to indoor space but extended to the outdoors and surrounding environment as well. It takes into account the neighbourhood, nature, and city zoning laws. In fact, a good modern home design will make maximum use of both the outdoor and indoor space.

2. A modern home design pays more attention to getting the maximum natural light levels into the house.

Such a plan includes large window frames facing the south side of the house as well as smaller windows on different sides of the room. This helps bring in the maximum amount of natural light. This helps cut down on energy costs during the summer months by allowing the homeowner to turn on only fewer lights.

3. A modern home design maintains a balance between the design, aesthetic value, and structural efficiency of the house.

These houses come with large exterior massing elements, flat or sloped rooflines, sharp clean lines, and a mixture of stone, natural wood, glass and stone elements. A modern home plan integrates aesthetically appealing aspects into the overall design of the house. Such a plan will minimize unnecessary structural add-ons. Since you will be living in your home for many years to come, why not plan to make it an eye-pleasing experience?

4. Modern home designs have plenty of room for customization.

These plans don’t rely on symmetry or similar design conventions. This leaves plenty of room for future expansion and customization. The homeowner may even plan to downgrade in size at a later date and include more outdoor features instead. In fact, you don’t have to overburden yourself with features that you don’t need when implementing a modern home design. You can customize the plan until you come across the right fit.

5. The most important advantage of a modern home design is it places so much of importance on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Recycled energy is used whenever possible when implementing such a plan. In fact, a modern plan emphasizes on reducing waste as much as possible. You will save on insulation, air conditioning, energy, and a host of other elements under such a home plan. Some of the most important features of a modern home are energy efficient lighting, water-saving plumbing fixtures, and using sustainable and recycled building materials. These aspects are combined with natural lighting and efficient airflow. These features will help save the planet and your hard-earned money in the process.

6. A modern plan gives you more flexibility and a chance to show your personality.

The true charm of a modern home is in its details such as the furniture, art, and personal touches in the house. All these help reflect your unique personality at the end. That is why you need to invest in a modern home plan for your house.

A modern home design has become quite popular with a majority of homeowners in this day and age. That is because of the numerous benefits offered by such a plan. It is wise to research and draw up a list of features that you require before deciding on the right home design for your home. The above article provides information on the benefits of choosing a modern home design for your home.




Source: Courtesy of Achieve Homes, New Homes and Development 


How To Use Your Concrete Grinding Tools

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Concrete floors have become extremely popular over the years and have become more common in commercial and residential settings. One of the main attractions of this floor type is that it does not require a lot of maintenance, but it does require daily cleaning and care to retain its shine. Polished concrete is achieved using a specialized machine that strips the old and soiled concrete to unearth a shiny and new layer. To achieve polished concrete, concrete grinding is necessary, and this necessitates the correct equipment. Here are the different grinder types that can assist you in grinding your own concrete floors.

Concrete Grinding Tool Types

  1. Hand-Held Grinders

These grinders are smaller and mainly used for grinding work that is minor. These tools are dustless with one head and measure between 5 to 7-inches in diameter. This tool is versatile and quite common and mainly used for domestic purposes. You can also use a hand-held grinder to remove irregularities or paint from your concrete floors or surfaces. This tool is unable to take the place of the walk-behind machines that are mainly used to clean larger concrete sections.

  1. Multiple-Held Grinders

These grinders feature horizontally-rotating discs which perform a variety of tasks. One of the most important aspects of these grinders is there different attachments that can be attached according to your requirements. These attachments are numerous and designed to perform a variety of different applications.

  1. Dustless Grinders

These grinders come with dust covers that serve the purpose of discarding dust that collects inside the cloak. The grinders offer you a way to save time you would have spent cleaning and offer numerous features that allow you to perform tasks efficiently and gracefully.

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Instructions On How To Grind Concrete

The grinding machines designed for this specific purpose come equipped with specialized disks that are embedded with diamond-bits that have the abilities to grind the concrete down and to achieve a desirable shine. This tool type makes use of polishing disks of a fine-grit to provide a smooth and sleek appeal to your floors.

To begin with, coarser grits are attached to the machine to drain-out flaws and minor stains. This tool prepares the floors for further cleaning and smoothing. Once this stage is completed, the process can take up to 3 to 4 passes to ready the floors for a final polish. These processes depend entirely on the concrete type. Certain concrete types achieve their best shine with less cleaning, while tougher concrete can take more counts to achieve a polished shine. The advanced stages of polishing can necessitate polishing disks that have finer grits of between 1800 to 3500 grits.

To begin with, start with 1800 grits polishing disk, and turn on your water hose to apply around a ½ inch of water across a 5-foot area. Switch off the water supply, followed by running your concrete grinder over the area until the water has completely dried up. Now move onto the next section of flooring until the entire area has been covered using the same methodology.

Once you have completed this step, first unplug your concrete appliance and attach a finer grit disk following the very same process as mentioned above to achieve the next level of shine and polish. Let the tool pass over the wet area and ensure the water has dried out which will leave the floor shiny and completely even. Follow the steps until you have successfully polished the entire area of flooring.

Switch off the machine again and now attach the 3500- grit polishing disks and follow the same steps again. It is important that you ensure that the floors are wet every time you use the different concrete-polishing tools. This last disk should provide the highest glossiest shine that you have been looking to achieve. Once the desired shine has been achieved, mop the area clean.

Dry And Wet Methods Of Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding involves 2 different methods that include wet or dry. With the wet method, the use of water is needed in order to cool off the diamond-grits and to clean the dust that is created from the grinding process. For this method of grinding, the water serves the purpose of a type of lubricant that decreases friction and increases the life-span of the polishing tools and equipment, especially the disks that can melt from the extremely high temperatures.

The dry method of concrete grinding involves a tool that comes equipped with a separate-provision that retains the dust created inside a cover. This ensures no mess is left behind. In many cases. A combination of both methods is used to grind concrete to the desired and finest shine on the floors or concrete surfaces. In most cases, it is advisable to use dry grinding to start off with and then move onto wet grinding to finish and clean the areas completely.

Understanding Bonds

The most important understanding when you work with metal-bond tooling is to know what these bonds are. This is an important factor to ensure you get the very most from your tools. It is also important to understand that concrete has a variety of differences, and the main difference is the hardness. The hardness of a concrete is typically measured using either a scratch test or a PSI.

The different bonds have been designed to work with varying levels of concrete hardness. These bonds are what wear down as you are grinding to expose the diamond grits that perform the task of grinding. If you are using the incorrect bond you run the risk of burning through the tool to fast or glazing over. For this reason, ensure you are using the correct bond to match up to the hardness of the concrete.

Special Precautions

It is very important to make sure that your polishing equipment is turned off and unplugged at the wall before you change the grit-polishing disks in order to avoid the risks of a possible electrical shock. It is also important to wear the right gear. This includes long overalls, rubber boots and gloves to prevent the risk of damages or harm that can come to your legs and hands due to the dust and heat. Before you start, also check your grinding tools for any missing components, chips and noticeable cracks.


You can always give your local Concrete Cutting Melbourne Experts for more detailed information and tips!