Concrete Cutting For Basement Renovations

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Cellars or basements are often seen as dark and dingy areas of a house. More often than not, they’re considered to be a useless part of a home or are used to store family discards that yet to make it to the trash. Well, with the incredibly high prices of real estate nowadays and the rarity of substantial lots to use for home extensions, the basement, after years of ignorance and neglect, is now more than ever being considered as a practical and cost-effective place for adding more space to our homes.

Planning to do any major renovations to your basement?

There are a few factors that you need to consider including the height of the ceiling, emergency egress as well as the steepness or stair pitch. All these factors can differ significantly depending on where you reside and so, it is important to contact your local building department for advice on these requirements. Emergency egress is simply an emergency escape. A door of at least 30 inches wide is considered to be an in ideal egress in most regions but a window needs to be of a specific size and a minimum distance from the floor to be considered safe.

Usually, the calculation of a safe height and size of a cellar is determined by how easily an elderly and overweight individual can open and climb out in case of an emergency like a fire. These construction codes were established as nobody was going to be able to get out of those traditional 18 by 30 inches metal framed pull in windows easily, particularly an overweight senior, and would probably die trying in the event of a fire.

Local building codes ideally call for both a window and a door egress for a basement to be considered ideal and safe for living. In most cases, building codes require an egress to be installed in every room in the basement as well. So, if you have a habit of performing home repairs and renovations without proper building permits, know that it’s important to find out about the building codes in Melbourne and adhere to them for the safety of you and your loved ones.

By installing all the required egress, you are basically killing two birds with one stone.

As mentioned above, you will be making an otherwise potentially hazardous area safe, as well as adding the benefits of natural light. Adding natural light to your cellar gives the space an appealing look and a warm feeling that you would otherwise be uncomfortable without.

Now, at this stage, you might be pondering how homeowners get perfectly square and smooth openings in their home foundations. You might have never heard of such or do not even know whether such a process exists. Well, thankfully, there are companies such as Megasaw in Melbourne, that specialize in cutting window openings and doorways in concrete walls. These contractors are usually referred to as concrete cutters and sometimes saw cutting outfits. Regardless, you will find them listed on your local yellow pages, or local Google Maps once you search the terms concrete sawing, core drilling, or concrete cutting Melbourne services.

A professional concrete cutting contractor will make the process look very easy and help accelerate your cellar remodelling project. However, it is important that you look for a company that will do an exceptional job by making precise cuts in the right places.

As with any other home improvement project, you will want a contractor that has been in the field

Thanks to today’s technology, there is a variety of high-quality tools and techniques that don’t damage the surrounding objects. It’s no longer enough to just have a diamond saw and blade to undertake these of projects. They ideally need safety gear that protects you and the operators from dust and chips produced during the cutting process. Dust not only damages the finish of the surrounding objects but is harmful to the human respiratory system.

An excellent concrete contractor specializes in several areas like sawing, drilling as well as wall removal. It won’t be hard for them to undertake the project and finish it in time. However, ensure that they are licensed to undertake such projects in Melbourne.

If you wish to accomplish your goals for your basement renovation process, do not hesitate to contact Megasaw Today!