Claiming A Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

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A motor vehicle accident tends to live all people involved in a state of shock, as it is usually an unexpected occurrence, that could in a split completely change someone’s life, whether through incurring fatal injuries, or worse the loss of life. The main issue when an accident occurs is who is at fault, who caused it, and with the available road and traffic rules and regulations that should be adhered to by all drivers, the one fault is usually quite easy to tell.

Once that is settled and the injured, be it the driver or those he was with, have been catered, no matter how long it may take, health first, it is vital for the driver to file for a motor vehicle accident claim.

Once the driver is in the position to file for this motor vehicle accident claim, the first step should be to gather as much information as possible and make sure that they completely understand what they are filing for and what importantly their overall expectations.

Here, having a lawyer, with experience will come in handy, and be a wonderful asset for the driver. They will be in a position to properly explain the details of the accident, based on damage and injuries explain who and how the blame will be assessed, and let the driver no if it really is worthwhile filing for this claim if they are hoping to receive a hefty settlement, and if that is a possibility. Granted having a lawyer will obviously mean that this might end up being a case, and be handled in court, but the lawyer will promptly let the client know their odds. Also on several occasions, such claim can be settled outside the courts, and very well, without any minor disputes. Due to this, however, it is impossible to put a timeline on this, as court cases may end up dragging for a long time.

motor vehicle accident claim | White Jordin Lawyers

Alternatively, there is the option of filing for the motor vehicle accident claim through one’s insurance company.

While doing this, they will require details and dates about the accident, also included or reports from one’s doctors after receiving treatment and receipts as well, through this they may be able to assess the injuries as well, and in the case where of more than one injured person they will need their medical reports too. They will require information about the other driver who was involved as well, and the details of the policeman who handled this particular case. Where an insurance company is involved it is usually their responsibility to settle the individual, as that is essentially why they are referred to as getting a protective cover. This is why they require all details and evidence to add on. Hence, therefore, they go through the details of the case and find a way to settle the driver. Insurance company, however, are not the best option when it comes to filing this claim as they usually want to finish up and settle with it as soon as possible and this usually means that they do not necessarily have the best interests of the driver, instead want to settle them with the least money possible, and close the case.

Time, this is a very important aspect when it comes to filing this claim.

In some cases taking too long to file the claim, may end up being the reason why it ends up being declared null and void due to the timeline. This especially happens with insurance companies, most of them have a limit of six months, and after this, they do not consider one’s claims. Sometimes though the injuries are usually severe and one needed ample time to recover therefore with the proper documentation from a doctor they have no option but to consider the claim. Make sure that it is properly settled as well. In such a case also one can file a case against their insurance company that they are rejecting their claim for no good reason. With lawyers, however, the time limit is up to two years or more for filing the claim. This, therefore, gives the injured ample time to properly here and therefore be of sound mind to explain their case.