The Different Benefits Of Car Trailer Hire

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If you are searching a convenient, cost-effective and versatile solution to your residential relocation, then a car trailer hire is the best option. Based on the popularity of this service, the number of moving truck rental companies has increased including portable moving containers or the trailer hire. Professional relocation services can offer you a truck rental with workers to help, but hiring a trailer will often leave you with a DIY procedure. To determine if this is the best option for your particular needs, it is recommended that you consider the pros and cons of car trailer hiring.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Car Trailer?

1. National Coverage

The majority of large moving van and truck rental companies offer ‘collect and deliver’ services in major cities. This means that even if you are moving to another region, most companies will have centres nearby where you can return the truck rental when you have finished relocating.

2. Different Truck Sizes

Each relocation requires a specific size truck to meet certain requirements. For example, if you have a plethora of household items with white goods to transport, then a larger trailer may be more beneficial. The majority of car trailer hiring services provide a range of capacities; therefore, finding one to suit your needs is easier and convenient. By choosing the correct size of trailer, you can save costs and all items will be packed more efficiently for a safe move.

3. Vehicle Transportation

When using a moving truck rental, sending your existing vehicle to the new home is not easy and can be an additional cost outside of the car trailer hire. Fortunately, many rental trucks now present with ball sockets where a vehicle trailer can be attached. Using this feature, the existing car can be towed to the new residence. Furthermore, you will reduce costs associated with driving the existing car to the new home separately, such as fuel or tolls.

4. A Cost-Effective Option

One of the most beneficial reasons why people choose car trailer hire when moving is the cost-effective nature of the service. DIY movers find that, when used properly, a trailer hire can reduce the cost of moving by approximately 50 percent, including transport and physical moving expenses.

5. Insurance Coverage

Dependent on the homeowner’s insurance policies, such as homeowner insurance and car insurance, the items may be covered during relocation. However, if the policies do not provide this type of coverage, it may be best to use a trailer rental service that offers insurance options. The majority of car trailer hire services will offer customers a plethora of insurance options; therefore, you can find the package that best fits your budget and needs.

6. Suitable For Long And Short Distances

Rental moving vehicles are beneficial for both short and long-distance relocations. This is because they are built for relocation, reduce the need for repeat trips, and can save both energy and time.

7. Increased Energy Efficiency

If you are interested in energy efficiency, then you will be pleased to know that the majority of car trailer hiring services use diesel-powered trucks. Diesel allows a vehicle to travel farther as compared to those utilising gasoline as fuel. Rental companies also maintain the latest model trucks, meaning that the engines require less maintenance and have an improved fuel economy with fewer fuel emissions.

8. Moving Accessories

When performing a DIY move, various items will arise that increase the cost of the relocation – costs that are unforeseen and additional to the planned budget. Some common costs can include a need for moving accessories, such as packing blankets to facilitate a secure move. Car trailer services offer dolly and packing blanket options as part of packages if you opt for the moving accessories. Even if you do not choose the accessories, you will know beforehand the cost of the item and how it will affect your moving budget.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are various factors that need to be taken into account when hiring a car trailer service, especially the benefits of this service. Ranging from increased energy efficiency to reduced overall cost of the move, using a car trailer hire can be useful if you should opt to utilise the service.

How To Choose A Good Cairns Bus Service

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Looking for a charter bus company can be a daunting task for those who don’t know what to look for. Most of the people out there only rely on the price charged by a bus service when chartering a Motor Coach or Bus. However, this is not a good idea as there are other important factors that need to be considered.

It is good to understand the charter bus company you want to choose and their commitment to the safety of their customers. Considering the price charged by a company is important but it is also good to consider things such as driver competence, safety, cleanliness, and vehicle integrity and customer service.

It can be easy to find the right chartered bus company if you know the right questions to ask a chartered bus company you want to hire. Here are key questions to ask a chartered bus company before hiring:

How long has the company been offering their services?

Established charter bus rental companies usually have a reputation. On the other hand, a fledgeling company in untested. Ask the charter bus company for proof of state, federal and or provincial operating authority.

How big is the charter bus company?

Although big isn’t necessarily beautiful, you should know that small businesses may not have the full range of management and technical support needed to offer “world class” service.

How old are the charter coaches?

It is very important to consider the age of the charter vehicle. However, remember that modern coaches have a long life. In fact, cleanliness, general presentation, and mechanical condition may be more important than the age of the coach. You should also ask how the company maintains its vehicles.

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What type of charter coach vehicle is the best?

The type of vehicle to choose depends on the purpose and length of the journey. Rate how important things such as catering facilities, bathrooms, video, TV, window shades, reclining seats, wheelchair lifts, air conditioning, curtains and so on are to your passengers. Make sure that all the things you require are included in the bus service price.

Does the company offer a wide range of vehicles?

Since the number of your passengers may change, it is a good idea to look for a company that offers a wide range of vehicles so that you can substitute when the need arises.

What about charter bus safety?

Ensure that you ask the potential charter bus company about safety features – antilock braking systems (ABS). Ask whether or not the company complies with coach drivers hours regulations which help prevent risks caused by fatigue. A lax attitude can prejudice the safety of your passengers. Avoid companies which have an unsatisfactory rating.

Any special requirements?

Find out what will happen in case you decide to change route or times. Check if the company will be able to meet any unexpected circumstances within the constraints of safety limits. How can this affect the pricing?

Any special needs?

Can the company provide the appropriate vehicles if your passengers are elderly, very young, or people with disabilities? Can it also arrange stops where the needs of such passengers can be met?

What are the standards for staff training?

A driver needs to be competent in people handling, vehicle handling and licensed. Ask about the company’s policy in training drivers in customer care. Uniformed drivers and counter tell you a lot about company standards and attitudes.

What about unseen staff?

The competence of maintenance staff and their facilities directly affects the safety and reliability of vehicles. Therefore, it is good to ask about the unforeseen staff to have a rough idea of what the services offered are like.

Does the company have a drug/alcohol testing program?

Only choose a company that is able to prove to you that they have drug and alcohol testing programs. If a company doesn’t show any evidence, then it is good to look for another one. It is important to ask this question to ensure that you are given a driver who is safe and sober.

Who usually pays for the drivers’ accommodation?

Asking this question will help you prevent any confrontation during or after chartering a coach as it will help you know who will book and pay for drivers’ accommodations.

Can the company deal with emergencies?

Always remember that even those vehicles that are well maintained in the best way possible can also develop faults. Therefore, it is good to find out if the company you want to hire deals with emergencies.

How does the company avoid unacceptable delays?

Ask if the company has any systems in place to minimize any disruptions and inconvenience caused by unacceptable delays.

Can I look at your premises and vehicles?

A good company is usually proud of their facilities, services, and products and will have nothing to hide. Look at the operating and maintenance facility to determine whether or not the company will meet your needs.

Do you have a current list of references?

It is a good idea to only hire a company that identifies customers for reference purposes. Avoid a company that doesn’t do this. Ensure that you get references and contact them to find out more about the company you want to hire.

Are the vehicles insured and valid licenses held?

Ensure that the company provides proof of coverage including a liability coverage of at least 5 million dollars. You should also check if the company is inspected by the state, federal and/or provincial Department of Transportation, has operating authority and check if the drivers are licensed to drive the class of vehicle they are given to drive by the company.

What is your company’s DOT rating?

The Department of Transportation usually rates transportation companies. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the rating of a chartered bus company before hiring. Only hire a company with a “satisfactory” rating which is the best rating.

What is included in the prices?

It is wise to know what you are paying for. So, find out what is included in the price to find a company that offers value for money. Otherwise, you could hire a company that could end up overcharging you for some things you never expected.

Asking the above questions is very important as it will make the process of finding a good Cairns bus service an easier process. As you can see finding a good Cairns bus service is not as hard as it seems.




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Car Rental 101 – Top 10 Points To Consider For Narrowing Your Choices

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Because there are so many car rental companies out there offering more of the same,  being overwhelmed and unable to decide on where to rent a car is rather expected.  But it does NOT have to be that way. Below you will find the top things you need to consider when choosing car rental services.

First off, though, here is a rundown of the different vehicles you can rent. There are compact and cheap cars that are best for city driving for singles and couples. For out-of-town trips with family, there are vans and SUV’s. For all-purpose driving for no more than five people,  there are sedans to choose from.

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Most car rentals offer a wide selection of cars and it is up to you to decide where you will rent the car you need. Just remember the following points before making a decision.


1. The price always varies

Even when they offer the same type of car, no two car rentals will charge the same price. They will differ according to the length of the hire, the season, and the day of the week. That said,  always make sure to compare the prices of at least three rental companies.


2. Brand new is always expensive

Brand new cars will always come at a premium price regardless of where you rent. You can rent an older car for half the price. But this depends on the situation, that is, if the occasion calls for the look and feel of a brand-new vehicle.


3. Your needs come first

IF you are travelling with a lot of luggage, make sure to check the car rental has the appropriate car to serve your needs.If you are travelling as a group, make sure to check there is a Kia Carnival you can rent.


4. Insurance is never bad

Although you are paying for protection for something that may never happen, insurance is never a bad idea and most companies already include it in their rates. Check how much you will be paying in insurance.

5. The kilometres matter

There are companies that offer two types of rates. One offers an unlimited number of kilometres while the other only requires you to pay the number of kilometres you travel after a certain limit. In most cases, the latter option is cheaper if you’re only travelling within the city for a limited period of time.


6. Drivers are an option

While some rentals are self-drive, there are those that offer drivers, some at no extra cost. Would you rather enjoy your ride? Go for the driver option.


7. The extra items matter

If you are travelling with children or if you have someone with special needs, you will want to rent a car from the company that offers extras like seat boosters and the like. Like the driver, there are rentals that offer extras for free or as an option.

8. Roadside assistance is a must-have

Make sure to only do business with a company that offers roadside assistance. Normally you won’t be charged for mechanical faults but may be charged for a dead battery or a flat tire.

9. Can you smoke?

While you can expect for smoking to be a no-no, there are rentals out there that allow it if you are willing to pay for the cleaning fee.


10. Full tank

It’s fairly standard among car rental companies to give you the keys to a car with a full tank. While we don’t expect for any rental to have a different policy on gasoline, it is always a good idea to check and verify.

The ten points we mentioned above are the main points you need to consider when choosing a car rental company. It’s always a good idea to get a quote on the rental prices. However, it is also equally important to check the terms and conditions.

To find a car rental, just type the name of the local area where you need a car and add the words “car rental”.  Make sure to get information from at least three car rental companies and compare them based on the points we mentioned above.