Car Rental 101 – Top 10 Points To Consider For Narrowing Your Choices

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Because there are so many car rental companies out there offering more of the same,  being overwhelmed and unable to decide on where to rent a car is rather expected.  But it does NOT have to be that way. Below you will find the top things you need to consider when choosing car rental services.

First off, though, here is a rundown of the different vehicles you can rent. There are compact and cheap cars that are best for city driving for singles and couples. For out-of-town trips with family, there are vans and SUV’s. For all-purpose driving for no more than five people,  there are sedans to choose from.

Car Rentals | 1300 Meteor Rentals

Most car rentals offer a wide selection of cars and it is up to you to decide where you will rent the car you need. Just remember the following points before making a decision.


1. The price always varies

Even when they offer the same type of car, no two car rentals will charge the same price. They will differ according to the length of the hire, the season, and the day of the week. That said,  always make sure to compare the prices of at least three rental companies.


2. Brand new is always expensive

Brand new cars will always come at a premium price regardless of where you rent. You can rent an older car for half the price. But this depends on the situation, that is, if the occasion calls for the look and feel of a brand-new vehicle.


3. Your needs come first

IF you are travelling with a lot of luggage, make sure to check the car rental has the appropriate car to serve your needs.If you are travelling as a group, make sure to check there is a Kia Carnival you can rent.


4. Insurance is never bad

Although you are paying for protection for something that may never happen, insurance is never a bad idea and most companies already include it in their rates. Check how much you will be paying in insurance.

5. The kilometres matter

There are companies that offer two types of rates. One offers an unlimited number of kilometres while the other only requires you to pay the number of kilometres you travel after a certain limit. In most cases, the latter option is cheaper if you’re only travelling within the city for a limited period of time.


6. Drivers are an option

While some rentals are self-drive, there are those that offer drivers, some at no extra cost. Would you rather enjoy your ride? Go for the driver option.


7. The extra items matter

If you are travelling with children or if you have someone with special needs, you will want to rent a car from the company that offers extras like seat boosters and the like. Like the driver, there are rentals that offer extras for free or as an option.

8. Roadside assistance is a must-have

Make sure to only do business with a company that offers roadside assistance. Normally you won’t be charged for mechanical faults but may be charged for a dead battery or a flat tire.

9. Can you smoke?

While you can expect for smoking to be a no-no, there are rentals out there that allow it if you are willing to pay for the cleaning fee.


10. Full tank

It’s fairly standard among car rental companies to give you the keys to a car with a full tank. While we don’t expect for any rental to have a different policy on gasoline, it is always a good idea to check and verify.

The ten points we mentioned above are the main points you need to consider when choosing a car rental company. It’s always a good idea to get a quote on the rental prices. However, it is also equally important to check the terms and conditions.

To find a car rental, just type the name of the local area where you need a car and add the words “car rental”.  Make sure to get information from at least three car rental companies and compare them based on the points we mentioned above.