Essential Digital Camera Features

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The latest digital cameras offer a host of novel features in order to draw the attention of the buyer. However, the more features packed into a camera, the more difficult the operation of the camera would become. Today’s digital cameras have so many novel features that most camera users have no idea about what they are for, when to use them or how these features would affect the picture. This article highlights some of the most essential features of the latest digital cameras.

Anti-Shake Feature

Pressing the shutter button is when most cameras would shake. Even if you possess the steadiest of hands, pressing the shutter button will involve a slight shake. This can result in blurred pictures. The anti-shake feature would help to neutralise jitters and produce sharper images. The latest cameras come with the option to turn off this feature, but it is always recommended to keep the feature on while taking photos.

Removable Memory Card

Most high-end cameras save images into memory cards. The capacity of memory cards can vary depending on what the user wishes to install. You can always change the memory card once its capacity is full. This feature will help you to transfer pictures from your digital camera to a desktop or laptop computer by removing the memory card and inserting it into the memory card reader of your computer.

Burst Feature

This feature will allow you to take multiple shots in quick successions. It guarantees you won’t miss any important shots in the process.

Auto Focus

Auto focus takes a lot of guesswork out of photography. Unless you are a professional photographer with many years of experience, it is always best to leave the auto-focus mode on when taking photographs. Even professional photographers would prefer to leave this mode on while using the camera.

Auto Exposure

The right amount of light is of utmost importance in getting the best shot possible. The auto-exposure feature will help you to get the best possible shot with the right amount of light by controlling relevant settings such as the shutter speed and f-stop.


This feature would help to balance the amount of light that enters the camera (f-stop) with the duration of the exposure (shutter speed). When you select the f-stop of your choice, the camera would automatically choose the shutter speed. This will help in getting the optimum exposure to your photo.

Digital Zoom

This feature would help to spread the pixels in order to appear to extend the telephoto lens. This will help to cause significant image degradation.

Manual Focus

Most cameras possess both the auto-focus as well as the manual-focus features. Manual focus is best for professional photographers with extensive experience in the field. It would help to unleash the creativity of such photographers.

The aforementioned are some of the essential features included in today’s digital cameras.