10 Dental Facts

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Chatswood dental has been able to help many people over the years because of the quality dental service they provide. Dental insurance has become an important part of treatment, and it can be a little tougher for people who don’t have it. You need to get the best possible service and a great smile. We would love to see a world where the patients don’t have to get out of pocket expenses, but the reality is that this is not the real situation.

The role of dental insurance has continued to grow with time, and this has helped many people have the ability to access dental treatment. We are trying our best to ensure that you the services we provide and of high quality, and also dental education that will help you. Here are some facts about dental insurance that you might not know.

Fact 1

Medical insurance will be able to pay a large part of your medical expenses after co-payment or deductibles, but this is not the case when it comes to dental insurance. With dental insurance, the insurance company will not be paying for all the expenses, it is just there to act as an aid.

Fact 2

Many companies invest a lot of money in marketing. Most of them have “creative copies”, where they will tell you that when you get insured then you can expect to get “up to 80% or 100%”. Something we have been able to notice over the years, most of the plans are able to cover about 40% to 60% of an average fee. There are some that will pay less or more. The determinant will be the amount paid by the employer for the plan. If less the employer paid for the plan, then the less you can expect to get in insurance benefits.

Fact 3

Another thing we have been able to notice is that many insurance companies will tell their customer that the “fees charged are above the usual and customary fees”. This is wrong because what they should be saying is that their benefits are too low. The insurance companies are looking out for their own profits, and this is why they do this. They don’t want to pay out more than what your employer is paying.

Fact 4

There are many routine dental services that will not be covered by insurance. You might expect the insurers to provide their customers with coverage for procedures that are cheap, like deep cleanings, multiple cleanings, or small fillings so that the patients don’t have to go through the more expensive procedures. This is not the case though. There are some serious dental issues that can be easily dealt with at the earlier stage, and this will help them save on the costs in the long run.

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Fact 5

Many insurance companies will then to “down-code” or apply an “alternate benefit” for a procedure so that they pay less. A common example of this is when an insurance company will pay for a composite filling at the same rate as a silver filling. You will find that many dentists out there have not been able to do the sliver or amalgam filling for a long time. The dentist will be looking to go with a procedure that is best for your dental health, but the insurance companies are looking for something cheap.

Fact 6

Dentists will charge all their patients the same rate, whichever insurance coverage they have. An insurance has its own fee schedule. You will find that most plan will have fee schedules that are usually based on the geographic location. People living in the rural areas might benefit from this, but those living in metropolitan areas have it bad. The insurance companies will always pay a fee lower than what is being charged by the dentist. The insurance companies will always look for a way of paying less.

Fact 7

Many insurance companies will try to encourage the use of a “Preferred Provider”. Dentists who fall into such a category because they have agreed with the insurance companies to charge less so they will be able to get more patients. Reduced fees can sound like a great thing, but you also need to think in terms of the quality of the services you are going to receive. These dentists sometimes charge half of what others are charging, and they will look for ways to cut down on their costs. They might shorten the appointment time, offering care packages, or even choosing supplies and laboratories that are lesser known so as to offset the losses. There are some practices that are more likely to sign up for such plans, although most of them are less established. If a deal is too good to be true, then it most likely is.

Fact 8

Dental has not been around for long. The number of insurance programs started to increase in the 60s and 70s, and all over sudden they were everywhere. The reasons why dental insurance maxims are low is the fact that they have not been able to increase over the years. The premiums paid have continued to increase because of inflation, but it is funny that you still have a maxim of $1000 on your dental. If these maxims were adjusted to inflation, then today it would be about $10,000. This coverage could do a lot for your dental health.

Fact 9

Provided the insurance plan you are on gives you the chance to choose your dentist and doesn’t need you to assign yourself to an office that you will get the benefits at a non-preferred dental office. There are times when the brochure will not tell you the truth because the benefits will be paid when you choose your own dentist.

Fact 10

The dentist is working for you, and not the insurer. This is why they are not required to submit the claims on your behalf. There are some dentists that will do this as a value-added service. There are some dental clinics that will ask the patient to pay their bill in full and then they will get the reimbursement once they have submitted the forms. Chatswood dental will be on your side during the process and ensure you don’t have a hard time with the insurance part.